Voice and music: Now in perfect harmony.

    In radio, creating a unique sound has become one of the most vital challenges facing station management. With VIP/digital, you now get the ultimate tool to meet today's demands for clean, personalized yet dynamic mic processing.

    VIP/digital gives you more power than any other mic processor you've encountered. It lets you tailor your talent's voice with an unprecedented arsenal of processing tools, then mates it perfectly with your station's on-air audio processing.

    Punch up your talent.

    VIP/Digital is the professional’s choice in microphone processing, because it bundles the industry's finest digital audio processing capabilities in one easy, economical package.

    From its Smart Detection De-esser to its natural-sounding reverb with user-editable parameters, every processing tool you need on-board. 

    Using our SmartCard technology you can personalize the sound your on-air talent prefers. So you don’t have to compromise with a one-setting-fits-all approach that is supposed to suit everyone, but satisfies no one.Since all parameters are stored on your personal YELLOWTEC SmartCard you can do set up the VIP/Digital one time, save your settings and restore them with ease.