Clear, beautiful sound.

Digital echo canceler 
Both hybrids incorporate special echo cancellation (up to 100 ms) for tricky VoIP and cellular calls, as well as adaptive function that reduces feedback possibility in open-speaker applications.


Helps reduce caller Signal noise.

Perfectly balanced AGC delivers a smooth, consinstant caller level.

Talkmaster Software®

Our powerful screener software is optimized for touch screens, and it’s included with no additional cost. Large displayed keyboard fields with distinct functions make operation both intuitive and reliable. It can even accommodate setups with as many as three PCs.

Connects over Ethernet via LAN interface. One license ships for free. Additional licenses can be purchased. Where to buy >>


DTMF intelligence - game shows on next level.

b-line bold comes with a DTMF generator, as well as an integrated DTMF analyser. It ensure callers who dial the correct code first will be highlighted within the Software.

Talkmaster data can be stored in a database including Blacklisting.

Unique functionality allows combining caller signals for common PreTalk .

The b-line bold control center.

All b-line functions are fully accessible via the front panel keypad. Helpful, when installed remotely.


If you prefer tangible keys, the b-line bold keypad offers the perfect solution. We designed it to be completely intuitive, with control over your incoming calls, the ability to pre-talk and transfer calls to air.  

Two keypads can be connected to the RS232.

Unique Features you will cherish.

Separate PreTalk interface for off-air conversation. Specific function key available in Talkmaster software and on keypad. 

Unique functionality allows combining caller signals for common PreTalk .