How can we help you?

If you encounter a problem with our product, please contact the official Yellowtec distributor or representative in your country of residence. 
To find your distributor’s contact details, select your country of residence from the list at right. If no distributor exists in your country of residence, please contact us directly.

    - Consult your product manual for possible solutions

    - Always ensure you've installed the latest Firmware. Check here!

    - Disconnect all external wiring and check the product under "workbench" conditions

    - Review the Troubleshooting Q&A on our Website

    - For General questions you can contact our technical support via Facebook - please note that due to the amount of inquiries a reply may take some time

    Before you contact us

    Please ensure that you've identified:  

    - The Yellowtec product name / product code

    - Serial Number

    - Purchase date

    - Purchaser's name and full adress 

    You can reach us 24hrs a day! The easiest way is by email. 

    Please include a detailed description of your problem, along with the aforementioned product information. We’ll reply to your email asap.  

    When returning goods, please note that international shipping may cause unexpected issues in customs, which may result in non-refundable duties and fees. In order to avoid excessive duties and fees, we’ll release an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) prior to shipment.

    To help us provide you with fast assistance and to minimize paperwork and shipping costs, please apply for an RMA before shipping any goods. We’ll send you an RMA, along with all shipping details for dispatch.


    Please note that we will refuse any shipment arriving without an RMA.

    Phone support is available Monday - Friday, 9:00 -17:00 CET. Dial +49-2173-967 30 and speak with a specialist who will be happy to address your concerns.