Powerful LED Technology
    You control the ideal brightness level.

    m!ka Studiolight

    • High efficiency multi-LED technology 
    • Dimmer with memory/full brightness function
    • Sturdy aluminium tube construction
    • Durable, silk-mat anodized finish
    • Interior coil spring balance system
    • Adjustable friction joints
    • Fully compatible with m!ka MMS elements   Learn more >>
    • Wiring concealed in tubes and joints
    • PSU supplied for 12VDC
    • Various mounting options
    • Superior quality
    • Renowned German craftsmanship
    • Order information
      • YT3280: Studiolight
    • Form factor
      • 92 x 20 x 15,2 cm
    • Mounting accessories
    m!ka Bushing
    First choice for furniture integration.

    Stainless Steel Bushing

    • Extremely rugged construction
    • Elegant stainless steel
    • Fits all m!ka products
    • Good for variable mounting points
    • Order information
      • YT3211: Bushing stainless steel
    • Form factor
      • 50mm diameter
      • fits panels <30mm
    m!ka Plug-in Mounts
    Fit to every table.

    Table Mounts

    • Table mounts for mic arms and studiolight
    • Sturdy construction
    • Three models to fit any installation

    MMS Pole Adapter

    • Mounts on MMS pole
    • sturdy diecast aluminium  
    • various applications
    • Order information
      • YT3215: Table through mount
      • YT3210: Table clamp
      • YT3216: Table mount
    • Maximum panel thickness
      • YT3215: <25mm
      • YT3210: <70mm
      • YT3216:  unlimited
    MMS Wall Brackets
    For the perfect wall mounting.

    MMS Wall Bracket

    • Assemble m!ka microphone arms and Studiolight directly on the wall
    • Robust die-cast aluminiu

    MMS Wall Adapter

    • Assemble the m!ka Microphone Arms and Studiolight on the MMS system poles
    • Robust die-cast aluminiu
    • Order information
      • YT3214: MMS Wall Bracket
      • YT3295: Wall Adapter
    • Form factor
      • n/a