iXm & iXm Uplink: Innovation tailored to your requirements.

In a world full of digital recorders, we still love the handheld microphone’s intuitive design and familiarity. The iXm’s ingenious, onboard DSP engine gives you perfect audio levels every time. Together with the brand new iXm Uplink App for iOS devices trimming, archiving, tagging and sharing your recordings becomes a piece of cake.

  • PRO Line
    • YT5240: Bundle with Omni-directional PRO Line Head
    • YT5250: Bundle with Cardioid PRO Line Head
    • YT5260: Bundle with Supercardioid PRO Line Head
  • PREMIUM Line
    • YT5210: Bundle with Omni-directional PREMIUM Line Head
    • YT5220: Bundle with Cardioid PREMIUM Line Head
  • Content of delivery
    • iXm PRO Head (Omni / Cardioid ( Supercardioid)
    • iXm Pouch
    • iXm Windscreen
    • iXm Wifi Card
    • iXm Uplink Software Licence

iXm Windscreen. Keeps the noise away.

Don’t worry about catching your interview in windy environments. The windscreen eleminates unwanted background noise and improves your recordings. Made of premium polyester, it is also available with customized station logo and defined color.

Get the ultimate protection for your iXm.

The iXm Pouch offers the ultimate protection for your iXm. It has three seperate zip-pockets for several accessories and a padded interior. A stylish Yellowtec logo is stiched on the front side of the pouch and you will find a proper belt strap for carrying it around. The "bullet proof" nylon fabrics stands bad weather and the padding will forgive any drop. Pay your iXm the attention it deserves.

iXm Uplink. Transfer your interview via mobile device.

Whether you want to playback, save, edit, and transfer your audio clips on your Android or iOS tablets or smartphones: iXm Uplink makes it a piece of cake. Send your recordings to your studio instantly and enjoy helpful features like meta tags.

Use the Toshiba Flash Air wireless SD Card of your bundle to connect the iXm Recording Microphone with your mobile device via WiFi. Now you can download soundfiles from your iXm and edit and transfer them via GSM or another WiFi link.

You can also distribute *.WAV, *.BWF and MP2 (MPEG1 Layer2) files via e-mail, Dropbox and FTP.

With iXm Uplink you make the most of your iXm!
Download iXm Uplink for iOS!
Download iXm Uplink for Android!

Download the official manual for more information. If you need help to setup your WiFi card click here.



The new Yellowtec WaveLab Bundles: Bundle iXm with WabeLab!

In collaboration with Steinberg, we offer you a whole new bundle solution tailored to the needs of journalists today. Steinberg is providing a bespoke version of their WaveLab editing software. We bundle it up with our iXm Recording Microphone or PUC2 Mic LEA Audio Interface.

iXm supplies automatically leveled recordings while the WaveLab Yellowtec Edition production software delivers enhanced tools for superb editing results. Thus, the Yellowtec WaveLab Bundles offer an all-round audio recording and editing package.



Discover the all-new WaveLab edition designed for Yellowtec recording products.

As the world's number one audio mastering software, Steinberg's WaveLab is constantly pushing back the boundaries of what is possible. Offering professional editing and analysis tools and metadata management, the specially designed Yellowtec Edition provides you with an easy-to-use interface. The dedicated Yellowtec ribbon offers quick access to all essential functions. Use it to optimize your workflows.

For more details on WaveLab, visit www.steinberg.net/wavelab.