26.08.2015 16:13 Age: 4 yrs

Yellowtec and ENCO Simplify Remote Newsgathering for Radio Broadcasters at IBC2015!

Accelerating time to air for news content gathered in the field is an ambitious target. That's why the two renowned companies Yellowtec and ENCO have teamed up for a unique technology partnership.

At IBC2015 (September 11-15, RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam), the two companies will unveil a remote newsgathering solution featuring Yellowtec's iXm Recording Microphones and ENCO’s iDAD mobile application, giving reporters a high-quality, handheld system to record, process and transfer audio files back to the studio.

The innovative collaborative workflow reduces equipment costs, eliminating the need to use expensive field recorders to gather interviews in the field. “The main purpose of this combined solution is to make life easier on the field journalist,” said Andy Mikkuta, sales director, Yellowtec. “The simplicity of the solution removes the technical burden of newsgathering from the equation. Reporters can have complete files back to the radio station within 10 minutes of an interview.”

“Radio stations and networks can now achieve both exceptional broadcast audio quality and the efficiencies of mobile connectivity in the same workflow – all while allowing journalists to fully concentrate on their main tasks of gathering and reporting the news,” said Ken Frommert, general manager, ENCO.

Yellowtec and ENCO will both demonstrate the combined solution at their respective stands 8.A51 (Yellowtec) and 8.A45 (ENCO).