Think Yellow

The color yellow makes us think of words like “bright”, “optimistic” and “fun”. This is the spirit we maintain while applying our design philosophy, which is built around simplicity and perfection.

Yellowtec stands for Simply Perfection

Based in Germany, Yellowtec is an award-winning company with a think-tank approach to product development. By committing to a higher standard of engineering and design, our team creates innovative products for the Media Broadcast industry. Our goal, or “call sign” if you will, is Simple Perfection.


Yellowtec is a brand of Thum + Mahr GmbH, one of Europe's leading system integrators for media broadcast facilities. 

Why you'll love Yellowtec

Building a truly unique product demands a truly unique approach to product development. Thanks to our intimate knowledge of the Broadcast Media industry and its needs, our designers and engineers are able to work skillfully through every stage of product development, from initial concept to product delivery. At every turn, we question traditional design and engineering approaches by asking, “Is this the best way?” 
Our process, combined with our emphasis on quality, premium materials and a design aesthetic that calls for ultimate simplicity in form and function, is why we think you’ll love Yellowtec.

Knowledge is king

Over the years, we’ve found that equipment decisions in the broadcast market are often driven more by pragmatism than by a desire to find the ideal product. This truism is what motivates us to pursue only the best ideas for new product design, in order to bring the ideal product to market. 
With decades spent working closely with media professionals, our comprehensive approach fuels the creation of insightful product lines that give the media industry what it really desires – and, frankly, what it deserves. 

Yellowtec makes it easy

As media broadcast products become more complex, we are unreservedly committed to developing intuitive solutions that transform complexity into usability. Making your work a little easier and your environment a little more elegant – that’s Yellowtec’s goal.
Our success is derived from a deep understanding of the balance between technical innovation and user experience. We know better than anyone that the purpose of innovation is to make user experience easier. 

Take a closer look at our products and see how innovation = easier drives product development.  Learn more »